Curated Travel Companies: The Concierge of the Digital Age

No one enjoys the stress of planning a trip. The internet has opened up the world of trip planning possibilities to us, but also the endless options for where to visit, what to eat, what to see and what to experience. It can be exhausting to spend your time with 20 tabs open checking reviews, reading articles and following travel bloggers trying to create the perfect travel itinerary. Luckily, there are some fantastic companies out there that will do the legwork for you. So close your tabs, pack your bags and check out how these cutting-edge companies are changing the way we travel.


Journy Journy is a personal travel planning service and mobile app that costs only $25 a day. Customers work 1-on-1 with an expert concierge online to design a trip plan that's customized to their travel preferences and priorities. Recommendations are curated from an exclusive, trusted network of top chefs and local experts. Journy’s team will handle all the details, restaurant reservations and hotel & activity bookings so that you can focus on the essential part of your travel: the experience. Not sure where you want to go? They have a quiz that will help identify what you want to get out of your vacation so they can make destination recommendations.

NokenNoken is a technology-enabled tour operator that creates end-to-end trips guided by a personalized app. With their current signature destination options including Colombia, Iceland, Vietnam, Portugal, Myanmar, and Cuba soon to follow, contemporaries can now travel with ease. Travelers adapt Travel Blueprints, or itineraries, catered to their budget and preferences and can book them in moments. Then, via a mobile app, they receive curated, real-time guidance that includes an agenda and a variety of suggestions to select from on the go.


Tu EliteTu Elite is a luxury travel concierge service that creates journeys which deliver the ultimate in comfort, ease, and luxury and blend them with experiences and adventures which are genuinely unique. They specialize in elite travel management, and they discover and design the most authentic cultural experiences in the world. They have a team that’s available to you 24/7 during your trip. Their hand-picked collection of experiences reveal the most authentic, luxurious and personal places to visit and explore. Tu Elite facilitates everything from personal travel to corporate travel, from honeymoons and Wellness Retreats to Entrepreneur Islands - they design and refine it especially for you every single time.

Milk + HoneyBrianna Glenn is the travel designer behind Milk + Honey. She offers curated travel experiences where luxury meets authentic. If you are someone who wants the best and appreciates the special touches that take your experience to the next level, then the custom trip planning service is for you.“Leave the planning and details to me. I’ll plan every detail of your vacation — ensuring that each meal, excursion, day trip, and place you lay your head down at night is nothing short of spectacular.” For the avid traveler, Milk + Honey offers a VIP Travel Client service, and they will work with you to plan a year's worth of trips. From week-long vacations to weekend adventures, they will customize all the traveling you do for the entire year.


Pack Up + GoPack Up + Go is a “surprise travel agency,” which means that they will plan your trip entirely, but you have no idea where you are going until the day of your trip. Customers have their choice of making a road trip (starting at $450 per person) or booking a vacation that includes air (from $650). Then you fill out a quick survey and check off a list of things you like: craft beer, live music, comedy clubs, outdoor activities, and so on. Pack Up + Go selects a destination, books all your travel, and builds out a list of recommendations that you can use on a Google Maps app. The company also suggests day-by-day itineraries which you receive in an envelope that shouldn't be opened until your travel day.


Pravassa“As pioneers of the wellness travel movement, Pravassa's programs are vetted, curated wellness travel experiences crafted to address the self-care needs and the time constraints of today's modern explorer. By offering authentic real-life opportunities to engage with the world around you, Pravassa helps you redefine happiness through our proven *5-tenet wellness travel philosophy®, which leaves you #changedbytravel.” They offer group trips as well as custom travel experiences that are tailor-made to suit your wants and needs.