The Growing Influence of Google Hotels

The search engine giant recently announced that it’s changing the game when it comes to the way that people travel, making it simpler for users to search flights and book hotels using their mobile devices. While many people start their journey on Google, a name that’s become synonymous with online search, they normally find themselves clicking from website to website — making comparisons between discount hotel sites, comparing airlines, and likely switching between tabs in an attempt to find the best deals.Google is no longer the middle-man though. Travelers can now instantly book rooms, utilize a carousel with images to compare room types of any significant property, and can even complete the transaction without ever having to leave Google. This also benefits the hoteliers, with Google utilizing a commission-based model rather than a cost-per-click model, essentially serving as a travel agency for users. For now, these services are restricted to the U.S. and U.K. The site’s new layout allows users to toggle between tabs with flight and hotel information, and also offers an additional More Destinations tab that provides users with suggestions for trips for the original destination. So in addition to allowing you to plan your flight and accommodations, you can also browse available trips or services being offered nearby. (It’s worth mentioning that Google-approved partners may make suggestions for trips and services along the way.)They are even rolling out a new feature to Google Flights search that will help identify delays before the airlines do, as noted by TechCrunch. Realizing that people are busier than ever, Google saw an opportunity and took it. More and more people are using their smartphones to plan and book their travel or make last-minute updates. The tech giant is now making the process easier for users to plan their business trips and exciting new adventures all on the go from the convenience of their phone. Google’s new travel planning services come with some great perks too! Google has enabled notes of discounts for loyalty programs or current hotel and flight deals. There are also So what do you think? Will you be turning to Google’s updated interface when it comes time to plan your next trip?