Inspired creative and data-driven strategies to build loyalty and increase profitability for hospitality brands.


More than an agency.

Through strategic digital marketing, immersive storytelling, and inspired design, we curate online experiences that serve as an authentic extension of your guest's real-life interactions with your brand. Our proven processes create concrete results that allow us to guarantee a return on investment of 250% or more in your first year with Lumi. Send us an email with your marketing and sales goals and we’ll send you a free assessment on how you can get there.

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We create strong brands that resonate with the values of target audiences. Our branding tactics enable our clients to build loyal, authentic communities that stand up to the competition and market needs.

Marketing & Advertising

The most beautiful site in the industry is nothing without traffic. We teach our clients how to sync their marketing efforts over multiple channels to support and enhance the user journey. This increases traffic and drives conversions. 

Digital Strategies

Equipped with the latest industry insights and a deep understanding of consumers, we develop integrated digital strategies to reach the right users at the right time. Post-launch, our campaigns are constantly monitored and optimized to improve results month over month.

Website & Mobile

From design to development, we create smart, sleek, photo-driven websites and mobile applications. Our emphasis on seamless user experience ensures that these sites aren’t just beautiful – they’re also highly converting. Through our pricing options, a high-quality website is easy to afford.

Client Experience

What makes us unique

Direct to Expert Model

When you work with Lumi you have direct access to the marketing, design and production professionals who are executing the work for your brand. That means instant access to a "plug-and-play" Marketing Director, Creative Director and Technology Guru – all for the price of a junior level employee salary.

Subscription Pricing

We know that you want the best for your properties – even if you don’t have a large marketing budget. That’s why we developed our progressive subscription pricing model. This pricing makes our world-class services accessible to more clients which allows them to compete with the large OTAs.

Simple, Transparent Contracts

You’re not here to play games and neither are we. Our contracts are honest, transparent, and fair because we want the best for our clients. Your success is our success – we want you to trust us so we can get to work.

A Little Bit About Ourselves

We are women-founded and operated

If the future is female then Lumi is ahead of the curve. Our women-led staff is diverse in both experience and skills which provides us with unique perspectives that influence our work.

We live by our guiding principles

Excellence, Empathy, and Evolution. From creative content to client relations, you can see the three E’s in everything we do.

We’re industry enthusiasts

We know the latest industry trends because we genuinely love learning about them! Seriously – everyone at Lumi is a hospitality nerd. Bad for parties, good for clients.

If you are a client, you are a friend

We go above and beyond for our clients because we sincerely care about their success. Whether you need a cheerleader or constructive criticism, we’ll be there for you.

Dogs > People

We’re a dog-friendly office. We’re pretty flexible with clients but this is our one non-negotiable. You might even hear our office pup, and head of security, Lady on a conference call.


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