Talk to us or our clients and you will feel the passion, knowledge, and creativity that makes us different.

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If the future is female then Lumi is ahead of the curve. Our women-led team is diverse in both experience and skills which provides us with unique perspectives that influence our work.

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We Got Three E's

We live by our guiding principles - Excellence, Empathy, and Evolution. From creative content to client relations, you can see the three E's in everything we do.

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We're Industry Enthusiasts

We know the latest industry trends because we genuinely love learning about them! Seriously - everyone at Lumi is a hospitality nerd. Bad for parties, good for clients.

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You aren't just a Client, you're a friend

We go above and beyond for our clients because we sincerely care about their success. Whether you need a cheerleader, a therapist, or constructive criticism, we'll be there for you.

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Dogs > People

We're a dog-friendly office. We're pretty flexible with clients but this is our one non-negotiable. You might even hear our office pup, and head of security, Lady on a conference call.

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Melissa, CEO of Lumi Hospitality

Our Leadership

As Founder and CEO of Lumi Hospitality, Melissa began Lumi in 2016 with the hope of creating a unique agency - one where employees could flourish and client’s could feel the difference in the work and service. With over 15 years of experience in the field of marketing, advertising, PR and experiential, Melissa has worked across large consumer brands, iconic destinations, and innovative startups. Melissa is also creator of, a local media platform and event promotion organization and creator of several well known events and experiences in our home city of Hartford, CT.

Our Experts

Amanda Call

Amanda Call

VP of Marketing & Operations
Lisa, Client Success Director at Lumi Hospitality

Lisa McIntyre

Client Success Director

Lauren Lewis

Intern Extraordinare
Kelsey, Event Design Director &
Special Projects Manager at Lumi Hospitality

Kelsey Renfro

Event Design Director &
Special Projects Manager
Corey, Graphic Designer at Lumi Hospitality

Corey Windham

Graphic Designer
Madeline, Content Marketing Strategist at Lumi Hospitality

Maddie Gomez

Content Marketing Strategist
Robin, Senior Marketing Manager at Lumi Hospitality

Robin Morris

Senior Marketing Manager
Kaley, Marketing Strategist at Lumi Hospitality

Kaley Nesci

Marketing Strategist
Abby, Senior Website Manager at Lumi Hospitality

Abigail Sy

Senior Website Manager
McKenzie, WeHartford Marketing Strategist at Lumi Hospitality

McKenzie Frank

WeHartford Marketing Strategist
Stacy, Controller and Compliance Manager at Lumi Hospitality

Stacy Pedersen

Controller and Compliance Manager
Lumi employee, Colleen

Colleen Crowley

Senior Marketing Manager
Amber Mowry

Amber Mowry

Content Creator & Social Media Specialist

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